Hello! This series has been created to teach you everything you need to know about CSS in order to operate in the web design world. We’d recommend doing a few sections a day, and in no time you’ll have mastered CSS!

What is CSS

CSS stands for Cascading Stylesheet. It’s a web language which defines the layout and style of HTML code. By itself, HTML is just content; a bunch of blocks. CSS helps us change content into a design. Using CSS we can create beautiful websites, and it’s one of the most important things you can know as a web designer.

What we’ll be learning

We’ll be learning everything you need to function in the real world. You can see all the topics on the left. Feel free to skip ahead to topics you don’t understand. We also have in depth analysis of the properties which you can view on separate pages, as well as a full list of properties along with support and information on them

At the end of every section we will have a quiz to see how much you’ve learned. By the end of section 6 hopefully you’ll be getting pretty good at this stuff. You can always go back and read over previous sections if you don’t understand.